Can I check out without creating an account?

Yes. You can checkout as guest.

Where do I choose my delivery option?

You can select your delivery option in Step 2 (Shipping) of checkout. There is further information on delivery within our Delivery FAQ’s section further down this page.

How do I send my order to an address other than my own?

During step 2 (Shipping) of checkout you will be able to enter the address you would like the order shipped to. This can be different from your (payment) address which you enter in step 4 (Payment) of checkout.

How do I make payment?

If you have ordered before you may have your card details saved. If not, you will be asked to enter your card details and billing information in step 4 (Payment) of the checkout process. (All major credit/debit cards are accepted).

What payment methods do you accept online?

We accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay.

Can I check my order details before purchase?

This is step 5 (Review & Purchase) of checkout.  This is where you will be able to review and confirm any item quantities, delivery and payment details.

Has my order gone through successfully?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with details of your order and an order number. If you created an account, you will also be able to check your order history in the My Account section. If you have been charged for an order but haven’t received a confirmation email, get in touch at hello@roqberry.com. Please do ensure you have checked your junk mail folder first.

Can I change my order once it’s been placed?

This is only possible if your request is received before the order has been dispatched. Please email us at hello@roqberry.com and we will do our best to amend your order in time.

Where can I see my order history?

If you have created an account, you will be able to view your order history by logging in and viewing the ‘Orders’ section under your account.


My Account


How do I create a new account?

You can do so by clicking on the ‘Sign In’ link in the top right of the screen, and then clicking the ‘Create Account’ option. Alternatively, you will be given an option to create an account when you are in step 5 (Review & Purchase) of the checkout process.

How do I sign in to my account?

You can do so by clicking on the ‘Sign In’ link in the top right of the screen and entering your password and email address. Alternatively click through to checkout from your basket and Step 1 (Your Email) of the checkout process will also offer you the possibility to sign in. You will be asked for your password and email address.

Why will the website not let me register?

It is possible you already have an account registered with us using that email address and password. If so, please attempt to log in as an existing customer on the sign in screen. If you have forgotten your password click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the Sign In screen to reset it.

Why am I unable to sign in?

This would most likely be due to you not having an active registered account, an incorrect password or a non-registered email address. Please ensure you have registered and if you are a returning customer do not attempt to register again with the same details as this will fail. If you have forgotten your password click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the Sign In screen to reset it.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

On the Sign In screen there is a ‘Forgot Password’ link. Click on this and enter your email address to get a reset password email sent to you.

How do I change the details of my online account?

Once signed in you will have access to the ‘My Account’ section of the site. From here you will be able to view your order history, view your payment details, update your addresses and change your email and password settings.

How do I change my password?

Sign in to your account, then click on the ‘Profile’ section of your account and update password

Where can I manage my payment cards?

Sign in to your account, then click on the ‘Payment’ section of your account to add any payment details. If you have previously saved a payment method, you will be able to make changes to it here.


Delivery and Returns


How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

We always dispatch our orders within 2 working days of an order being placed. We ship our orders via Royal Mail, who have given us the following delivery estimates:

UK domestic, 1st class – 1-3 working days from order date

UK domestic, 2nd class – 3-6 working days from order date

International EU – 5-10 working days depending on country

*PLEASE NOTE delivery during Christmas holidays will likely experience some delays*

What does shipping costs?

UK domestic, Royal Mail 1st class – £4.95

UK domestic, Royal Mail 2nd class – £3.95, free for orders over £30

International EU – £9.00

What if my order arrives damaged?

All of our products are carefully packed to withstand their journey in the post and should arrive in perfect condition. If your order does arrive damaged, please don’t worry. Contact us at hello@roqberry.com and we’ll put it right for you.

What if something is wrong with my order?

We want you to be happy with your order. If anything is wrong with your order, we are very sorry to hear that. Please contact us at hello@roqberry.com and we will see how we can make things right.




How do I add a gift sleeve to my order?

We offer a beautiful gift sleeve to wrap around any set of 3 tea boxes. If you would like one included with your order, simply tick the checkbox in step 3 (Gift Options) during the check out process. Note – as gift sleeves wrap around a set of 3 boxes, they will only be included with orders of 3 or more boxes. Find out more about our gift sleeves here.




Are your teas suitable for vegans?

Yes. None of our teas contain any animal products.

Please note that the top tasting tips on our packaging may not always be vegan/vegetarian.

Do your teas contain any allergens?

Most of our teas don’t include any known allergens, but a couple do. We have listed them below. Please always check the product information and ingredients list, which will clearly detail all known allergens.

S’Mores – Contains hazelnut

Sushi & Spice – Contains mustard

Are your teas suitable for my particular medical condition?

We create our tea blends and infusions based on flavour and are not in a position to provide any medical or therapeutic advice. It’s best to speak with your doctor about which teas and infusions are suitable for your individual needs.

Do you have any caffeine-free teas in your range?

We have divided our range into 3 categories: Tea Legends, Tea Blends and Herbal Infusions. Our Herbal Infusions are naturally caffeine-free. Our Tea Legends and Tea Blends will contain various levels of caffeine. We can’t provide exact caffeine levels due to the fact tea is a natural crop, and caffeine levels are further influenced by brewing method and time. We do not artificially decaffeinate any of our teas as this affects the flavour and quality of the tea and often involves use of chemicals.

Where do you source your tea?

The ingredients used in our blends can be found all over the world. China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Kenya are just a few countries that we source our magnificent teas from - and that's not even starting on the herbs, fruits or spices! For tea leaves, provenance is critical: Darjeeling grows only a few hundred miles away from the tippy golden Assam that appears in Masala Chai or The Big Smoke. These magnificent Indian teas are so different in flavour, however, that they may as well grow in different continents!

Most herbs, fruits and spices can be found in many countries around the globe. As such, we place far less emphasis on location and focus more on quality, consistency and making sure they are harvested fairly. There are some exceptions (such as South Africa's native Rooibos), but generally anything that isn't Camellia Sinensis (the official name for the tea leaf) will be selected by excelling in these areas, rather than country of origin.

Is your tea ethically sourced?

Absolutely. All of the ingredients used in our blends can be traced back to their source through a network of trusted suppliers with a great understanding of working practices in key growing countries as well as how to spot potential issues in the product or employee welfare.

Are your teas organic?

Tea or herbal infusions cannot be sold as organic unless every leaf, herb, spice and fruit has been accredited every single step of the way. This means that even though some ingredients in our blends are organically grown and cultivated (such as the lovely Japanese sencha in our Sushi & Spice), we cannot refer to them as such. Becoming accredited is a time-consuming process and is subject to a (not-insignificant) recurring yearly fee that we currently feel is better directed to bringing you the best blends possible. Another issue of using only organic herbs is that it greatly limits the range of ingredients that can be used. This means several of the incredible flavours you taste in our blends would no longer be possible. Roqberry's primary goal is to create wonderfully unique taste experiences using only the highest quality ingredients that have been ethically sourced - all of which we feel have been smashed out the park. 

How should I store my tea?

To ensure your tea stays as fresh as when you drank the first cup make sure you store it in a cool, dark and dry place.