Tea Legends

Thousands of years of legendary teas, in the bag! Speciality teas like these are usually only available as loose leaf. Our biodegradable pyramid tea bags make them a little easier to brew and carry around wherever you go. More to come in 2018!



Prepare a legendary brew
We recommend you brew our delicate Tea Legends at a lower temperature than usual. A temperate-controlled kettle is dandy if you have one. If you don’t, just follow this simple guide. You’ll be a ‘devotea’ in no time.




75-85°C water

Use fresh, ideally filtered, water for each brew.

Boil to 80°C. Green teas are delicate and will turn bitter if you scorch them with boiling water. You can also boil to 100°C and add 1/3 cold water to your cup before you add in your teabag.

Leave to brew for 3 minutes.

Discard teabag.