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Are you ready to Blend The Rules?

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Tea for the purists. Tea for the adventurous. Tea for all who revere both flavour and quality. From wonderful single source varieties to inventive pairings and infusions, our philosophy is simple.

We blend the rules.

Roqberry is the happy union of our two big passions. Tea and spine-tinglingly terrific flavour. Our blends and infusions celebrate some of the world’s most amazing teas and ingredients, while our speciality Tea Legends remain faithful to tradition. Let’s raise a cup and (respectfully) shake things up!




This way to the East

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Appetite for artistry

We love good food as much as tea. That's why sushi, banana and sweet grapefruit flavours make the cut. If it tastes good then why not? Tea is incredibly versatile and mingles beautifully with spices, herbs, fruits and flowers – inspiring us to develop recipes ranging from the extraordinary to the never-been-seen-before. Look for the ’top tasting tip’ on each pack where we reveal our favourite tea/food pairings. Then tell us yours!





A twist on a classic

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Quality Above All

We pick ingredients for their exquisite quality and distinct flavours. Then we do the blending and packing by hand in the UK. Blending by hand keeps the delicate whole tea leaves intact, and ensures the ingredients are carefully yet thoroughly mixed. Biodegradable pyramid teabags allow a proper infusion in the cup, and the bags’ transparency reveals the high quality leaf within.

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 Eco Credentials

We're proud of our eco credentials - we use plastic free, biodegradeable tea bags and our packaging is 100% recyclable. As part of our next mission, we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint by working with our growers, logistics and retail partners.


Roqberry Rules

Create fabulous flavour experiences.

Celebrate and expand tea’s amazing versatility.

Mingle the classic with a touch of crazy.

Thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Blend the rules (in life as in tea).

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